How Do I Rent A Booth To Sell My Stuff?

Ever wondered "where are the best antiques in Beaver County?" or "how do I rent a booth and sell my stuff?" 

Well, we're here to tell you all you need to know about renting an antique booth.

First, you don't need a ton of experience or knowledge to get started, just follow a few of these tips and you'll be on your way in no time.

  1. Take some time to visit a few of the potential stores where you want to rent a booth. Look for things like, are the sales associates helpful? Is it clean, uncluttered and how easy is it to find what you're looking for?
  2. Observe what items are on display and take note of the prices on items that are similar to what you plan to sell. For example, if there are hundreds of mason jars already there, you may not want to bank on that being a key item in your booth.
  3. Talk to the management and ask them for tips and suggestions. Chances are, they can tell you what sells the most, what people are looking for, and at what prices those items sell.
  4. Visit yard sales, estate sales and auctions to build your collection if you think you may not have enough to fill your space.
  5. Make sure to tag every item clearly. Some items may warrant further descriptions and a larger tag makes sense. Be careful with tags that stick, no one wants to ruin their new purchase peeling off a tag! Check with your store first to see what tagging requirements they may have.
  6. Have fun setting up your booth! There are lots of examples on Pinterest (start with this board for ideas) that can help you along the way, and be creative! You can often paint, use different floor coverings, alternative lighting, and props that hang from the ceiling, just be sure to check your rental contract prior to making any changes.

Good Luck and enjoy!